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  • Chai

    Frabel Studio

    Hebrew character representing life. It suggests the importance of life, of each member of the commun…

  • Star of David

    This Star of David can represent the strength and resilience of the Jewish people as manifested in a…

  • Dreidel

    The Religious themed sculptures celebrate the observance and activities of religious and spiritual p…

  • Stallion

    The artist captures the strength of the stallion in glass. 12" x 10" x 3"

  • Cranes

    Both cranes are matched to show their respective grace. These cranes are a favorite gift to the love…

  • Dolphin

     A beautiful sculpture of the dolphin that captures the beauty and grace of this master of the …

  • Frog Prince

    The crystal glass frog prince is a favorite for lovers and we guarantee, giving this prince peck wil…

  • Flamingo

    This sculptural rendering of the Tall Flamingo was handcrafted to depict these very elegant birds of…

  • Blue Heron

    The crystal glass Blue Heron is presented in a serene setting of pond grasses. 13" x 16" x 4"

36 of 115 Items